Programs, grants, incentives, and taxes for economic development in Yalobusha County, MS.

Local Incentives

YEDD staff members work with the county board of supervisors, municipal board of aldermen, and local workforce development programs to match resources with needs.  In addition to possible county tax credits or abatements, incentives could include such benefits as infrastructure improvements and specialized workforce training programs.

County and municipal incentives for new and expanding businesses in Yalobusha County are developed on a case-by-case basis, matching industry needs with available resources.

State Taxes and Incentives

Mississippi’s tax rates are lower than those of many other states.  In addition, businesses can take advantage of a multitude of incentive, tax credits, and tax abatement programs available at the state level.

The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), is an excellent resource for information about the state’s programs. MDA’s Financial Resources Division assists businesses in obtaining grants or loans for development and expansion. It also maintains an up-to-date list of available tax exemptions, incentives, and credits. For more information see MDA's website at

Another good source of information about tax incentives and rates is provided by the Mississippi Department of Revenue formerly the MS State Tax Commission. Of particular value is the publication entitled “Mississippi Tax Incentives, Exemptions and Credits,” which can be downloaded from the site.  For more information see Mississippi Department of Revenue's website at

Workforce Development

Valuable workforce recruitment and training resources are available.  Among them are:

  • The Workforce Enhancement Training Fund, which provides resources to the State’s many community colleges to conduct job training programs designed to to partner with companies in the colleges’ service areas.
  • The Workforce Investment Network (WIN) in Mississippi, which operates over 60 WIN centers across the states.  Three of the centers are located close to Yalobusha County, in the towns of Grenada, Batesville and Oxford. The centers offer employment and training services for job seekers.

Two community colleges in proximity to Yalobusha County are heavily engaged in providing workforce services.  Holmes Community College features a Workforce Development Department, and Northwest Community operates a Workforce Development Center, both focused on helping potential workers acquire skills matched to the specific needs of local industry.

Base Camp Coding Academy

Founded and headquartered in Water Valley Mississippi, Base Camp Coding Academy is a hands on, challenging, and fun program designed to train students to be software developers in 12 months.  Their primary objective is to create a path to a career for each and every student at the Base Camp Coding Academy. For more information see